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Discovering the Civil War in Florida:
A Reader and Guide
Enhanced and Updated Second Edition


"A good place to commence an education on Florida and the War Between the States."
Robert A. Taylor, author of Rebel Storehouse: Florida in the Confederate Economy


Original edition published in 2001 by Pineapple Press of Sarasota, Fl.
6" x 9", 240 pages, 9 maps, 40 illustrations, bibliography,


Updated second edition published in 2012 by Pineapple Press of Sarasota, Fl.
6" x 9", 264 pages, 9 maps, 42 illustrations, bibliography,


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Read about the battles and skirmishes in the state derided by the northern press as "the smallest tadpole in the dirty pool of secession." From the better known engagements like the February 20, 1864 Battle of Olustee and the March 9, 1865 Battle of Natural Bridge outside of Tallahassee, to smaller affairs at Marianna, Cedar Key, Fort Myers, and Gainesville, amongst others!

The book also includes full descriptions of Florida's still-in-existence Civil War sites that may be visited by the public, complete with directions, hours of operation and amenities.

Profusely illustrated with period photographs of both side's officers, modern and period photos of places, nineteenth-century engravings, numerous maps, appendices, and an index.

A Reader's Guide of all known works on the Civil War in Florida rounds out the text. A great beginning point for further research into what late nineteenth-century Floridians called "the late unpleasantness."